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Functional Storage Ideas to Save Kitchen Space

Functional Storage Ideas to Save Kitchen Space

Space-Saving Kitchen Storage Ideas  It seems that one measure by which we evaluate the value and functionality of a quality kitchen space in our Virginia homes is by how effectively

Kitchen Designs for a Creative Condominium

Kitchen Designs for a Creative Condominium

Creative Condominium Kitchen Designs  In spite of the fact that many of our D.C. condominium domiciles could actually have a total household square footage that is equal or, greater than,

Kitchen Island Styles for Every Kitchen

Kitchen Island Styles for Every Kitchen

Choosing a Kitchen Island Base It’s fairly safe to say that in our kitchens of Virginia and D.C., the island is firmly rooted as a necessity of style and utility.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Kitchen Design Ideas-Houzz vs. Pinterest

[INFOGRAPHIC] Kitchen Design Ideas-Houzz vs. Pinterest

We can pair these image resources with Angie’s List to find the best contractors and designers,

Personalized Virginia and D.C. Kitchen Designs

Personalized Virginia and D.C. Kitchen Designs

Virginia and D.C. homeowners take painstaking care in putting together a kitchen that functions well and is a beauty to admire.

Accentuating the Positives in Your New Kitchen

One of the most painstaking tasks associated with the evolution of your new kitchen is that of the selection and placement of all those little things that will, not only,

The Finishing Touches to Your Kitchen Design

The new kitchen has been painstakingly crafted. Every feature and component of this glorious D.C. kitchen design has been intentionally and responsibly attended to. The countertops gleam and reflect the

Let it Flow – Kitchen Faucet Selections

It’s a well known fact that the kitchen faucet is, by far, the most tireless hero in the household. During its lifespan it will be called to duty well more

A Fresh Start in an Existing Kitchen Space

When you first bought your home here, in the Washington D.C. area, you were likely enamored by the kitchen space you were about to acquire. It was new, different and

The Galley Kitchen Style, So Commonly Uncommon

Uncommon to other parts of the country, the prevalence of a Washington D.C. galley kitchen style is really quite common in our location. Found in the many streams of row

Is Domestic Dining Becoming More Intimate?

If you happen to be a kitchen designer, architect or interior decorator in the Washington DC area, your answer would be a resounding, ‘YES!’ Putting your finger on the pulse

Re-defining the Kitchen in Virginia Homes

Everyone recognizes the kitchen as the activity hub of Virginia homes, and this title still holds true to this day. The age-old reputation of being the one, single room where

The Functional Call of the Modern Kitchen

The kitchens of today are a far cry from those spaces in which we all recognized as children. Those were days and times when there was so much activity occurring

Comparing Kitchen Countertop Material Options

There are several considerations that a homeowner must entertain before they decide on a particular surface material for their new kitchen countertop. This surface may become the showpiece component of

The ‘Crystal-Clear’ Trend in Virginia’s Kitchens

There are a number of intriguing style and decorating trends sweeping the landscape of modern kitchen designs but, perhaps, none more transparent than that of the novel popularity of glass.

Vinyl Flooring in the 21st Century

In an effort to understand the history of vinyl flooring, one has to take a quick review of its predecessors: linoleum and oil-cloth. ‘Oil-cloth’, as the name would imply was

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