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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware: Style, Finish and Placement

Any interior designer will confirm that style and intelligent décor is not created by one, single element but is comprised of a multitude of little elements all working together within

Solid Surface Countertops – Seamless Durability

In 1967, DuPont Chemical Corporation developed the rigid polymer (plastic) composite known as Corian®. In the late 1970s, DuPont introduced this product as an upscale countertop material as an alternate

Ovens: Which is Best for Your Kitchen?

Many new kitchen designs incorporate the use of a separate cooktop and oven appliances. Not only does this permit a feature of cooking modularity in the kitchen, enabling the chef

Tile and Stone Flooring in the Kitchen

If you have ever traveled to the ancient buildings of southern Europe and the Middle East, where civilizations began, you’ll note that every single floor is stone or tile. Granted,

Cooktops and Ranges: Gas or Electric?

Every culinary aficionado has their particular preference and long-winded opinion as to the advantages and disadvantages of the heat source of their cooking appliance. These experts will possess equal arguments

Countertop Edgings and Backsplashes – The Ribbon Around the Package

These two components of a kitchen’s make-up are often overlooked by homeowners in their journey toward assembling the perfect kitchen space. So much attention is drawn toward the cabinetry, countertops

Kitchen Flooring Compared

As with any other major component of the new kitchen project, the kitchen flooring options need to be assessed and valued in terms of: budget, utility/serviceability and aesthetic appeal. Given

Hardwood Flooring in Your Kitchen? Absolutely!

Only a few generations ago, hardwood flooring in the kitchen area was, by far, the dominant flooring used in homes throughout the world. It was considered to be a floor

Kitchen Sinks: Style, Types, and Mounting

Central to the design and utility of any kitchen is the sink: the fixture of the home that, literally, defines the nature of the kitchen as well as being the

What’s So Traditional About a Traditional Kitchen?

When considering the style of kitchen you are looking for, you may hear kitchen style terms like ‘traditional,’ ‘contemporary,’ ‘casual,’ ‘country’ or ‘eclectic.’ Unfortunately, those terms aren’t very helpful if

Cabinet Construction: The Hidden Value

The term ‘value’ can be a tricky word for a homeowner to apply toward any major purchase decision; and, when shopping for new kitchen cabinets, this same term can be

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories that Rock!

Kitchen cabinet designers and engineers have done an exceptional job, over the years, in crafting features and options into cabinetry that are truly amazing. Not only are such accessories satisfying

Cabinet Finishes from A to Z

Cabinet manufacturers will offer a wide range of finish choices to the consumer in an effort to provide flexibility in design and individual tastes. Suffice it to say that not

Choosing Kitchen Colors and Textures

Choosing a new color scheme for your kitchen may seem to be a routine task, there are quite a number of things to consider before taking that brush to your

Cabinetry Woods and Door Styles

A kitchen’s theme is predominately based upon the cabinets that are selected to grace this kitchen. The cabinets, themselves, are merely sturdy wooden boxes that are mounted to the floor

Is a Contemporary Kitchen Style Right for You?

Determining the overall style of your kitchen is an important step. Where traditional kitchen provides elegant symmetry, a contemporary kitchen style is simplistic with clean straight lines. For those of

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