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Creating Budget Line Items and Determining Priorities

Once you have established the budgetary range for your kitchen remodel, as discussed in our last post, it is time to get a little more specific about your priorities. Establishing

Rustic and Country, Both Are Casual Kitchen Styles

An old farmhouse, a rustic log home or the quaint waterfront cabin, kitchen designs for these homes will often fall into the casual kitchen style. This is especially true if

Mix It Up With An Eclectic Variety of Colors and Styles

Some of us just don’t like to be pigeonholed into a standard category. We like to set our own style. We think outside the box and are able to see

Creating Your Kitchen Remodel Budget

“What is your budget?” This is one of the questions you’ll be asked by your kitchen designer and remodeling contractor. Before they begin work on the development of a design,

Choosing Your Kitchen Layout

If you are planning a kitchen for a new home, you will likely have the opportunity to choose most any layout for your kitchen. When designing a kitchen remodel in

What’s Your Hospitality Lifestyle?

Some people just have the gift of hospitality. They love having their house full of people and always know how to make people feel welcome and cared for. They are

What’s Your Kitchen Lifestyle?

Every household has a different lifestyle, and that includes a unique kitchen lifestyle. Your kitchen lifestyle will be determined by several factors. The first, of course, will be the size

Assessing Your Kitchen: What’s Good – What’s Bad?

“We need a new kitchen.” That’s where the conversation about a kitchen remodel usually begins. The reasons behind this statement are very important. What is it about your current kitchen

Top Safety Rules for a Safe Kitchen

If there was ever any doubt in your mind that the kitchen is potentially the most dangerous room in your home, consider the following. Scalds, cuts, electrocution, slips, trips and

Special Considerations for the Galley Kitchen

Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in a home to have all the features that you want. Every Northern Virginia homeowner has likely experienced this, at one point or another.

Selecting the Dishwasher for Your Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to purchasing a dishwasher for your kitchen remodel in Washington DC, many people don’t give much thought into choosing a model. Trusted brand names, whether the dishwasher

Choose the Right Range Hood for Your Kitchen, Both in Style and Functionality

A good meal warms the heart, but the odors left behind from cooking are not always so desirable. Not to mention the havoc that grease and steam can wreak on

Vanity Virtues: It’s a Personal Choice

Vanity Virtues: It’s a Personal Choice

What are you looking for in a bathroom vanity? Is it style or is it storage space? Do you want an elegant sink with a faucet fixture to match or

One of Our Cabinet Installation Trucks – We call her Number 9

Isn’t she a beaut? If you spot this truck in a driveway near your house, chances are one of your neighbors is having new kitchen or bathroom cabinets installed. The

Two Top Choices for Kitchen Flooring: Wood vs. Tile

Although most any flooring can be used in a kitchen, when you come down to the top choices, you’ll find that tile and wood are the two overwhelming favorites. Both

Designing the Wine Lover’s Kitchen

Do you simply enjoy your wine or are you a connoisseur, a true wine lover? There is a difference. Of course, the appreciation for fine wine is generally developed over

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