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Contemporary Lifestyles Drive New Kitchen Trends

The kitchen has always been, and will always likely be, the central hub of activity and utility in home. Not only is it the room that is specifically designed to

Non-conformity Strikes New Kitchen Designs

Historically, we all seem to recognize the 1960’s as, sort of, a dramatic movement away from an accepted, conventional means of living and were considerably motivated to openly express, in

Retro or Metro, Kitchens Are Trending to the White!

The popular movement toward creating a white kitchen space may be considered a return to the roots of Depression Era decorating or it may be touted as a universal acceptance

Kitchen Faucets: Style, Finish, and Accessories

Over the lifespan of the kitchen faucet it will be called to task over a million times, making it the fixture of highest demand and service in the home. There

Concrete Countertops Provide a Blank Canvas

Anyone who dares to think of concrete countertops as a gray extension of a sidewalk or house foundation visual needs to take a good, hard look at this material with

Organization Tips for Kitchen Cabinets

One of the more defining reasons that homeowners express was their reason for replacing kitchen cabinetry or embarking on an entire kitchen overhaul was that the clutter and disorganization of

Granite and Quartz Countertops

The growing popularity of granite and quartz countertops is a well-deserved recognition for two outstanding countertop materials that have earned their right to be included in the finest of kitchen

Refrigerator and Freezer: Making the Cool Choice

With today’s economy being as it is there may not be more important appliances in your kitchen than those dedicated to the preservation of your hard-earned food. Given that condition,

Added Convenience with Beverage and Wine Coolers

The current popularity of separate and dedicated beverage and wine coolers in today’s kitchens is a trend that incites the practical and convenience interests of the contemporary homeowner. With the

Kitchen Wall Covering Ideas

For most folks, open kitchen wall space is a limited commodity and, therefore, a very valuable medium for tying-in your kitchen decorating theme. Backsplashes, for example may receive a finish

Microwaves and Range Hoods

While microwaves and range hoods may occupy the same space in a kitchen, common sense would prevail in that their respective tasks are significantly different. They may compete for that

Don’t Forget the Kitchen Ceiling

There it is, the kitchen ceiling–up there–looking plain and ordinary and doing little to enhance your new kitchen project. It doesn’t have to be that way; and it shouldn’t be

Designing the Domestic Gourmet Kitchen

The contemporary trend toward the creation of a gourmet kitchen in home settings is not only driven by the growing popularity of unconventional, exquisite domestic dining experiences but by the

Tile Countertops – Unlimited Options

As the search continues for the perfect countertop material for a new kitchen, taking a look at tile as an option will entice those who are lured by flexibility of

Kitchen Lighting Tips

Gone are the days when a single ceiling-mounted globe light illuminated the entire kitchen space with its trio of 100-watt bulbs, providing the stark aesthetic appeal of an operating room,

Laminate Flooring – Pros and Cons

Since its introduction into the American flooring market in 1994, under the trade name of ‘Pergo’, laminate flooring has become a viable choice in today’s kitchens. The product is basically

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