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Organization Tips for Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinetsOne of the more defining reasons that homeowners express was their reason for replacing kitchen cabinetry or embarking on an entire kitchen overhaul was that the clutter and disorganization of their existing cabinets was too much to bear any longer. A lack of organization in such a space can be extremely frustrating and, when you think about how much time you spend in a kitchen, you can understand how this could be very stressful on a day-to-day basis. Even if new kitchen cabinets are not in your foreseeable future, there are a variety of interventions you can incorporate into your kitchen that will alleviate a great deal of your kitchen corruption, giving your space a broader sense of organization and usability.

The Magic of Cabinet Pull-outs

Having a cabinet fitted and featured with a sliding pull-out unit is a formidable step toward organizing your kitchen cabinets. Whether the pull-out is a wooden base or steel wire is of little consequence on the decorating scheme because these are hidden features. Although it could be argued that these accessories do take-up a degree of available space, due to their own mass and mounting systems, what they return in accessibility is more than worth that sacrifice. Inasmuch as they can completely slide forward, they make the contents of the rear of the cabinet as accessible as the forward items in the cabinet. This is an especially handy feature when addressing the cleaners under the kitchen sink or when searching for that lost bottle of marjoram. Use these pull-outs for organizing items that are normally ‘classified’ to a certain task and utility–like spices, baking needs, and cleaners. These accessories can be retro-fitted to your existing cabinetry, providing you the convenience and organization that your kitchen is screaming for.

Consider a Floor-to-Ceiling Pantry Closet

Regardless as to whether, or not, you have a dedicated pantry in your home consider including a full-sized pantry cabinet unit in your cabinet design. These units typically have adjustable shelving for modifying to suit your unique storage demands and will also include pull-out shelves in the lower half of the unit. These alternatives to kitchen cabinets are an organizer’s dream! If you already have a pantry area, save some of the pantry area for small appliance and seasonal item storage while taking the bulk of your ‘everyday’ needs and organizing them in a more accessible pantry cabinet unit; and if you don’t have a pantry, now you can enjoy the benefits of organizing all your dry goods more conveniently!

Simple Racks, Stacks, and Hangers

Take a look at where and how you’re presently storing your pots, pans and cookie sheets. Do you notice that you have them all stacked inside one another and there’s an odd one that just won’t fit like the others? Do you have to dig and disassemble these piles, having half the cabinet’s contents strewn across the floor in order to get that one pan you need? If so, get yourself a vertical rack (similar to a letter organizer) and address your cookie sheets first. Organizing these sheets in a vertical holder is a lot more functional, taking-up less space, than laying them flat. Pots and pans can become more accessible (and quieter in the retrieval process) by utilizing a retro-fitted stacking rack into your kitchen cabinets. These racks may take away some space in your cabinet, but you’re exchanging this space for some much needed organization. If you have an island or workstation in your kitchen, you may want to hang and display your cookware; this also saves you some cabinet space for items that you don’t use as often.

Resurrect the Dead… Space, That Is!

Every kitchen cabinet layout is prone to have areas, nooks and crannies, which are considered to be ‘dead’ space. These areas, oddly enough, are absolutely ideal areas to render a level of organization to a kitchen as well as an opportunity to add a little flair or texture to the space. Specifically, think about utilizing the space beneath the upper cabinets. These areas are absolutely perfect for retractable spice racks, displaying stemware and cups, or even a hanging copper basket of fruit or dry storage vegetables. Remember that, any space you save by using this ‘dead’ space is allowing you to store other needed items in other, more valuable, storage areas. Don’t think that you’re congesting the cabinetry with utilizing these areas because, as mentioned, these areas can also double as areas of décor.

Decanters for Décor or Just for Store

Commonplace in a kitchen décor is a series of matching decanters, lined-up neatly on the counter; and this is a fantastic means to address an organizational issue as well as one of décor. When countertop space is an absolute premium, however, you might consider removing these decanters in exchange for some stacking, modular storage containers that you’d place in your pantry or pantry closet. Removing them from the countertop may be a concession to you, but choose the organizational route and replace larger decanters with smaller scale version to satisfy your decorating agenda.


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