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Countertops – Granite vs Quartz

When selecting stone countertops, whether natural or engineered, the options are bountiful –and yes, deciding on one versus the other can make for an overwhelming and confusing process. So let’s talk countertops!

Granite is the most popular countertop option amongst natural stones. Granite’s volcanic origin makes for a very hard solid surface. However, it is important to note the density gradient in granite is conditional to the color of the stone. Light granite colors are less dense and tend to be prone to staining and scratching. Because of this, it is advised that granite be resealed on a semi-yearly or yearly basis, depending on the color.

Ivory Fantasy (a light granite color) is more porous than Giallo Napoli (mid-tone granite) and Black Galaxy (dark granite)

Engineered stones, commonly known as quartz, are today’s most popular countertop choice. Made of a high percentage of natural minerals (usually quartz) and bonded by resins, quartz makes for a solid, non-porous, easy to maintain surface. While the quartz manufacturing method has remained virtually the same, the technology in devising patterns has exponentially improved since quartz first came about 25 years ago. This is reflected in the kitchen design trends of today that showcase realistic marble-like countertops.

Various colors and brands of engineered quartz – note the striking similarity to natural stone!

Cleaning Tip: Keep it simple! Use dish soap and water to clean both granite and quartz countertops on a daily basis.

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