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Added Convenience with Beverage and Wine Coolers

The current popularity of separate and dedicated beverage and wine coolers in today’s kitchens is a trend that incites the practical and convenience interests of the contemporary homeowner. With the dramatic drift toward kitchen designs that accommodate the aspiring home-based chef who desires all the appointments and amenities of a professional, such detailed appliances are almost a mandatory asset.

The costs of these units are generally so modest that their benefits of inclusion in these kitchens outweigh their small piece of a design budget. For those homeowners who are not inclined to hobby in the culinary arts, beverage and wine coolers will provide a convenience of accessibility and an appreciated saving of valuable space in the main refrigerator. Whichever of these households most resembles you, the decision to include one, or both, of these appliances will likely be a decision that you’ll be glad you made.

Entertaining and Culinary Connoisseur

You have taken great strides in planning your new kitchen space. The cooktop, ovens, island and pantry are all right where they should be: translating into the perfect work station for your cooking endeavors. Before you celebrate and put together your first feast to christen the new kitchen, make sure that you haven’t overlooked that minor, yet significant, feature appliance found in the addition of a wine or beverage cooler. It’s within this small appliance, tucked neatly inside a wall, masked within the cabinetry, or free-standing in a remote corner of the kitchen that you’ll need to store your celebratory champagne for the christening!

Imagine the convenience of having that special bottle of wine, chilled to the perfect temperature, quietly waiting for its calling in your new wine cooler. There also may be a micro-brewery aficionado in the household who’ll commandeer this beverage cooler to accommodate a host of novelty brands and standard favorites that can be handed-out to welcomed guests. Better yet, think about the possibilities in having a dual-function unit that is capable of accommodating both, wine and malted specialties keeping both of them at their peak and desired temperature. A simple appliance such as this could very well place you in the ranks of the most attentive and considerate of hosts!

One thing that is also advantageous with these coolers is that they are meant to be remotely stationed at a reasonable distance from the main refrigerator and work area. In doing this, you’re keeping the activity away from the ‘business’ portion of the kitchen and not encouraging frequent access to the main refrigerator. You’re setting some boundaries, yes, but you’re doing this for the ultimate convenience of your guests who will, no doubt, sing your praises for being ever-so-thoughtful to their needs!

These coolers may not only house beverages but, with adjustable shelves included, may be a great way to store dips, custards, and parfaits that will be served to your guests and family members on those special occasions. Remember, with these cost-effective and efficient coolers, you are saving precious storage space in your main refrigerator while effectually supplying a handy self-serve beverage source without interrupting the culinary activity of the kitchen space.

For the Children-Friendly, Active Home

One of the worst things about being a kid is being dependent upon an adult to get a drink for you. Whether it’s a height issue that prevents you from getting the juice off of the top shelf of the main refrigerator, or simply having to shuffle-through all the containers on the shelves in the refrigerator just to find a measly juice box–acquisition is tough! What makes matters worse is when the only adult available also happens to be the one in a general scurry in the kitchen, attempting to put a meal together for the family. Yeah, being thirsty and being a kid at the same time can be a little difficult.

Then again, if parents thought to include a separate beverage cooler in their kitchen plans then life would be, ohh, so much easier. Fill the cooler with juice boxes, bottled water, pre-made smoothies and watch the kids respond to your sensibility by taking care of their own drink needs. Make sure that you mount the cooler at a child-friendly height or simply include a cooler that is free-standing. Your kids will appreciate your consideration and be absolutely thrilled about being self-sufficient. Of course, as a doting parent, you may want more control of the situation, and for you, many of these coolers available can arrive with child un-friendly latching systems.

Another thing to bear in mind with these coolers is a real and actual cost savings in your energy bill. The energy consumption on these units are really quite minimal unto themselves; and if you calculate the cost of operating the main refrigerator, doors open, while a six-year-old looks for his juice box, then you’ve pretty-much already justified the cost of an additional appliance. You can modestly state that you did it for the kids, but it’s perfectly fine to tuck a bottle of wine in the cooler for a special date with your spouse when the kids go to bed.


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