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Kitchen Cabinet Accessories that Rock!

Kitchen cabinet designers and engineers have done an exceptional job, over the years, in crafting features and options into cabinetry that are truly amazing. Not only are such accessories satisfying a consumer’s desire for convenience but they also add flair, panache and a more thoughtful use of frugal cabinet space. Kitchen cabinet storage, as any homeowner will attest to, seems to always be at a premium; and many of these accessories address this known need without ever compromising the general theme of the kitchen design. Several of these popular kitchen cabinet accessories cater to the aspiring chef or consummate entertainer of the home and may be subtle or bold in their presentation.

Discreet, Roll-out Convenience Features

The base cabinet that houses the sink has a reputation of being the most disorganized cabinet in the kitchen. This is primarily due to the fact that this is the typical and convenient location for the kitchen trash can as well as the storage center for all the household cleaners. Dedicate one side of the cabinet base to include a roll-out platform that holds the trash can; the other side can accommodate a two-tiered roll-out for the cleaning products. This affords you an organized space that deters errant spills of caustic cleaners as well as ‘trash-can misses’ by the kids. Also at the kitchen sink, a narrow drawer or ‘pop-out’ (at a 45 degree angle) is taking the place of the ‘blind’ drawer face just beneath the front of the sink. This space is perfect for storing ‘scrubbies’, sponges, and dish detergent–so they’re not cluttering the sink area any longer. Omit the visual appearance of drawers in cabinet bases with a series of tiered, roll-out shelves that are tucked inside a cabinet base. These are terrific for organizing multiple sets of flatware, kitchen gadgets and utensils, aluminum foil and plastic wraps and anything else that normally clutters a kitchen drawer. The classic ‘lazy-susan’ has received an amazing up-grade. Instead of the traditional 3/4 round shelving that turns about, think about the possibilities of three vertical, retractable ‘book-shelves’ that pull-out for convenient, organized retrieval–tucking back neatly inside the corner unit!

For the Chef Enthusiast and Entertainer in You

Any cook will confirm that the most cluttered space in a kitchen cabinet is the space that’s dedicated to storing spice containers; and there’s nothing more frustrating than shuffling through all those little containers to find the one you need. In order to eliminate this issue, there are (at least) three novel means to create a more organized and logical storage for these spices. The simplest design is a spice rack that actually mounts on the inside of the cabinet door, allowing instant review and selection of what you’re looking for. Another option presents the spices on vertical wooden racks that resemble a series of books stored neatly together. Each rack slides out individually for discreet storage. The last option is quite similar to this system but instead of sliding out for retrieval, the racks flip side-to-side like pages of a book.

A very classy accessory, and one that will save you some space in your cabinet or china cabinet, is that of a unique rack that mounts beneath an upper cabinet to hold and display your stemware. Pair this affordable addition with an exposed, built-in wine rack just above this and communicate to your guests your connoisseur status. For those who prefer your wines chilled, replace the wine rack with a small, built-in wine refrigerator that has an access door identical to your cabinetry. Culinary enthusiasts will also appreciate a solid surface cutting block that slides out of a convenient location at a center island, work station and then tucks back into the cabinet when not needed.

Is it Safety or Style? You Decide

For those folks who can’t seem to have enough outlets for their small appliances or those who prefer to utilize a backsplash for decorating, here’s just the ticket: completely hidden power strip outlets mounted flush beneath the upper cabinets. Also, on the same train of thought, would be very discreet lighting fixtures recessed in the base of the upper cabinets. These can be wired to operate on a wall switch or be independently turned on and off individually. Rather than having your largest and sharpest kitchen knives in reach of the curious children in your home, consider a pop-down knife block that is recessed into one of the upper cabinets. This feature may also be fitted with a child-proof latch to further discourage errant use by the children of the house.

Accessorize Your New Kitchen!

It’s just a smart idea to explore and review the wide variety of kitchen cabinet accessories and gadgetry while shopping for your new kitchen project. Sure, all these clever items and features won’t suit the tastes and needs of everyone; but, you’ll find, that many of them will be exactly what you’ve been looking for in planning and organizing your new kitchen space!


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