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Accentuating the Positives in Your New Kitchen

One of the most painstaking tasks associated with the evolution of your new kitchen is that of the selection and placement of all those little things that will, not only, personalize your kitchen but ‘tie everything in together’. Your D.C. kitchen design firm can put all the elements in their proper place in an effort to render an awe-inspiring kitchen in your Virginia home, but much of the impact of the kitchen actually arrives via the homeowner. In its relatively raw state, a well-appointed kitchen can certainly bring out the ‘oohhs’ and ‘ahhhhs’ when first viewed by the homeowner; but it’s those little adds, here and there, that truly make it your kitchen–and that is so important.

Is a Different Professional Really Necessary?

This is really a question that can be only addressed by the homeowner. Not all folks boast the creative nature or balance when viewing a new space and feel pressed to find a professional, an interior decorator, to be responsible for making the final transition a positive one in their new Virginia kitchen. These professionals have a knack for what works and doesn’t work as far as adding little touches which enhance that general appeal of the space and make it comfortable for the homeowner to use and be proud of. Yet, as you would imagine, it’s rarely appropriate to simply let these pros go off on their own, without appropriate direction or course; and this direction must come from you, the homeowner. A talented and responsible decorator will be a master at interviewing; and it will be from this basic talent that will enable a sound step forward toward the most eloquent and personal kitchen possible. If you decide to hire an interior decorator, it’s very, very crucial that you are, not only, perfectly candid with this professional about likes and dislikes, but also it’s unwise to accept a feature or theme that you’re not totally happy with–simply because you believe ‘they know better’.

Filling-in the Voids

Sometimes, in the design stage, a homeowner will be astute enough to have a little bit of foresight when it comes to the final product. In other words, they had communicated to the designer, from the onset, about a particular and important feature that they personally require in the new kitchen; and, in turn, the designer has made allowances for such things. It may be something as remedial as a natural clay canister set that a great-grandmother passed down through the family that needs to be displayed in an open shelf within the cabinetry or on the counter. Such things are actually extremely important for a homeowner to include as well as expressing this need at a critical time. As trivial as this set might appear to a professional, it means ‘all the world’ to the person who owns the space.

Quick Tips in Selecting Accents

As one might imagine, the integration of accents and visual accessories in a new Virginia kitchen must be a deliberate choice and selection. For example, if your ‘finished’ kitchen space prominently displays a great deal of copper-clad pots and pans suspended above the island, it’s probably wise to downplay the appearance of metals when choosing and placing other accents. The reason, of course, is ‘too much metal’ showing and competing with the same type of texture and finish in the same confined space. The same would be true of woods, fabrics, and dominant colors, which, when over-represented will present a very drab appearance. Having a fair balance and mixture of colors and textures is really the direction you’ll want to head in. And, above all else, save a special place for your kid’s soccer or Little League photos as these can provide the greatest comfort of all in your Virginia kitchen!


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