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A Fresh Start in an Existing Kitchen Space

When you first bought your home here, in the Washington D.C. area, you were likely enamored by the kitchen space you were about to acquire. It was new, different and had some of the features that you’d longed to have in your kitchen. Now, however, having lived with it for several years you’ve decided that it’s a tired space and you’ve discovered all the shortcomings or illogical placement of certain things that simply drive you crazy. Injecting a few fresh kitchen design ideas into this space can do wonders for how you perceive the fashion and workability of your kitchen without throwing a king’s ransom at a remodeling venture.

Address the Busiest Station First

The kitchen sink area is, by far, the most active station in the kitchen. Because it is such a busy spot, this space is the primary place to look at when exploring novel kitchen design ideas as a means to introduce a bit of splash in a weary kitchen. Retrofitting a new sink into the kitchen is not a major expense yet it can, in and of itself, produce some significant results. The style of sink that is really hot right now is that of an ‘apron’ style sink. These sinks, by design, have a great deal of surface showing–they tend not to be subordinate in the design scheme but, instead, command a great deal of attention in the kitchen. Whether an enamel finish or metal finish is chosen, a new sink–paired with an equally fashionable faucet, can do wonders for an old space and is one kitchen design idea that should really be entertained.

Consolidate the Necessities

Another kitchen design idea involves the treatment or storage of the basic necessities of a kitchen space. A typical kitchen, and one that may seem tired or dysfunctional, will quite often utilize several different individual cabinets to house those items used most frequently in the kitchen. This could include small appliances, pots-and-pans, as well as commonly used baking items or spices. Having all these necessities divided into different locations could certainly prove inefficient and cumbersome. The new kitchen design would replace these cabinets or, supplement them, with a free-standing floor-to-ceiling cabinet which will service as a storage pantry. This becomes your one-stop location in the kitchen for all the commodity items you need every single day. Style-wise, it is perfectly acceptable to introduce this cabinetry in a different finish and feature; but make sure that, quality-wise, it is still commensurate with the balance of the kitchen cabinetry.

Kitchen Design Ideas

When it comes right down to it, there are a number of ‘little things’ that can make a big difference in a time-worn kitchen; and, as stated before, these don’t require the parting of the ‘pretty penny’. Take a look around your kitchen. Oftentimes, the simple replacement of the cabinet hardware can offer an entirely new look to a kitchen. Examine the light fixtures and consider updating the fixtures to something brighter or more daring. Add some color to the backsplash with some tile; and don’t forget to include some glass accents. Remove the plain glass panes from a few of the upper cabinets and redress them with stained glass or fashionable replicas. If your kitchen space was devoid of an island or work station, go find a solid table of a size, scale and style that you can simply drop in the center of the kitchen and use as one. Not only will this insertion serve as a fresh step toward fulfilling your own kitchen design ideas, but it will certainly keep your counters more clear of kitchen clutter and obstruction.


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