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Re-defining the Kitchen in Virginia Homes

Everyone recognizes the kitchen as the activity hub of Virginia homes, and this title still holds true to this day. The age-old reputation of being the one, single room where most of the ‘work’ is performed is the trademark of the American kitchen. As lifestyles change and evolve, however, so do the tasks and accoutrements associated with the kitchen. The kitchen, therefore, comes to reflect the ever-changing modernization of a family’s life; and does so by design, layout, features and amenities.

This evolution has a multitude of nuances but all seem to correspond to the fast-paced, highly technological needs of the modern Virginia family. Incorporating such lifestyle requirements dictate some significant changes to the function of the kitchen as well as the true essence of the kitchen space. The kitchen has broadened its application horizons to become much more than simply a work area but a living area as well. In evolving in such a way, living and dining areas have become re-defined and, somewhat, subordinate to all that’s occurring in the kitchen.

Comfortable Seating in the Kitchen

While this seems counterproductive to how the kitchen may be utilized as a centralized work zone, the contrary, in trends, is quite on target. Today’s Virginia kitchens command a lot more living space than they once did and, in relegating such space, the need for seating becomes more necessary. The kitchens of today are more open and flowing rather than being so confined and ‘tucked-in’. The tasks of the kitchen have evolved into more social endeavors, whereby the assigned ‘chef’ is not alone in their task but has the company of one, or more, occupants or visitors. Whether the comfortable seating is located within the work area, specifically at the island, or at the outskirts of the kitchen, the breakfast nook, these comfortable seating areas seek to invite conversation between ‘chef’ and children or ‘chef’ and guests. This simple design detail invites less drudgery in the tasks of making the meals or cleaning the dishes, kitchen, while endorsing some much preferred socialization.

…and when no one is available to visit…

Quite often, with today’s hectic work and play schedule demands, the ‘chefs’ finds themselves alone in the kitchen tending to the tasks at hand. Thanks to some really nifty tech trends, the time in the kitchen may not be so bad after all. Whether out of utility, convenience, or just plain self-indulgent, a new trend in Virginia kitchen design and furnishing includes a variety of technological media additions.

Gone are the days of a small clock-radio sitting atop the window sill. Today’s kitchens may come complete with complete, built-in sound systems—much like that which was once solely allocated to the living or family room. Quaint alcoves may be designed within the kitchen to accommodate a modest desk and computer so the designated ‘chef’ may pop-onto Facebook while the roast is in the oven. Whether tucked into a similar alcove or presented prominently on an open wall space, flat-screen TV monitors are being installed so the ‘chef’ can be gleefully distracted or entertained while accomplishing their daily mealtime routine. If no wall space appears available for this screen, have no worries because there are an ensemble of new refrigerators that come equipped with a TV monitor on the exterior of the door.

If the ‘chef’ is seeking more active communication, there are voice-activated cellular services that can be discreetly included within the kitchen space, permitting casual conversation to occur without interfering with the activities at hand. Yes, modern media systems have found their way into today’s kitchens, keeping people connected with the greatest of ease.


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