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Technology in the Bathroom

Bathroom Amenities Go High Tech

With a few notable exceptions, bathroom technology has remained more or less the same for decades. Aside from low-flow toilets and the invention of bathtub jets, the bathroom is one area of the home that just never really evolved. With today’s crop of high-tech innovations and high-tech bathroom modifications, that’s all changed. Forget the UV toothbrush sterilize; these bathroom gadgets are the stuff of space age dreams.

Bathroom Televisions

Integrating television and streaming video into the bathroom experience is just one way that today’s designers are stepping up their high tech game. Outdoor-rated television sets can withstand the moisture, heat and humidity that’s part and parcel with the bathroom environment without skipping a beat. It’s not unheard of for entertainment buffs to install televisions in the shower, but the real advance comes in the form of a dual-duty mirror. Incredibly thin LED screens are crafted right into the glass of a vanity mirror, allowing for a full range of screen delight. Smaller screens allow you to stay abreast of current events or keep up with your favorite show while you perform you morning ablutions. Larger ones make it easy to take a long, relaxing bath while watching a favorite film. Because these innovations are designed for the bathroom, remote controls are fully waterproof. High-end models include built-in speakers, so you never have to worry about finding ways to camouflage external ones or work them into the overall design.

Facing the Music

What’s a long soak in the tub without a bit of soothing music? Cutting edge bathroom technology brings singing in the shower to new levels, with music delivery systems that put old-fashioned waterproof radios to shame. You could always plunk an MP3 player dock down on the counter, but there are ways to make your favorite tunes part of your bathroom design. Bluetooth-enabled showerheads feature detachable speakers so that you can move to the music when you get out of the shower, too. High-end toilets feature auxiliary inputs and built-in speakers. There are even hydrotherapy systems that integrate music for peak relaxation capability. Before you haul that old boom box into the bathroom, consider the myriad ways that you can make music a permanent part of your bathroom landscape.

Lighting Systems

While designer lighting fixtures are inextricably linked to high-fashion bathroom design, modern technology brings those fixtures to new heights. Lighting systems that allow you to completely customize the color, brightness and temperature are the wave of the future. With some systems, you’ll be able to build your own “light recipes” for implementation through your smartphone or tablet. Create the perfect environment for reading, relaxation, or boosting your energy level at the outset of a busy day. With these up-to-the-minute bathroom mods, that old dimmer switch is so five years ago.

Programmable Showers

For a truly personalized shower experience, consider one of the new programmable shower systems on the market. With touch screens that allow you to program your ideal shower experience, the possibilities for cleaning up in style are almost endless. Thermostatic valves ensure that water temperature never climbs to a scalding point. Integrated lighting features allow you to adjust the mood and brightness of your lighting scheme from within the shower. Most of these systems allow for control up to four shower outlets, so they’re perfect for multi-head systems or showers with wall streams. Save your settings so that you’re always able to hop into a shower that’s streaming just the way you prefer. You can also track water consumption, a must-have feature when your inviting shower set-up inspires you to linger.

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