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Showers Take Center Stage

As recently as a few years ago, whirlpool baths and jetted tubs seemed almost ubiquitous. Plenty of bathrooms featured soaking tubs and whirlpools, many of which were cumbersome and dominated valuable bathroom square footage. In today’s high-end bathrooms, though, the shower is the star. Gone are the days of a cramped standing shower and floor space largely dominated by a tub with extensive decking. Modern bathrooms are all about the shower, packing in the features and maximizing space.

Frameless Shower Doors

The shower doors dominating the trend landscape for bathroom remodels these days are a bit different from their predecessors. Instead of frosted, textured glass, these showers are transparent and proud. Framing has also fallen to the wayside, with designers moving towards minimalist, frameless models. By opting for shower doors without clunky framing, you can bring a splash of sophistication to a contemporary space. Because they also make a bathroom feel larger and more spacious, they can be a great selling point if you plan to put your home on the market at a later date. Unsightly aluminum frames are nowhere to be found in the modern bathroom, which means no pitting and no corrosion over time. The life of a frameless shower door is much longer than that of it’s framed counterpart, due simply to the fact that there is no aluminum that will degrade with years of use.

Multiple Shower Heads

The extra space of today’s stylish showers is certainly not being wasted. Instead of a cavernous space with a single showerhead, modern showers can feature dual overhead streams. There has also been a large push towards wall-mounted streams, which target specific areas of your body for hydro massage purposes. Those overhead streams aren’t your mother’s showerheads, either. Fashionable certainly meets functional when it comes to showerheads, with large fixtures that send a cascade of water over your body. Look for overhead fixtures that simulate rain, and you’ll be right on trend while maximizing the level of relaxation in your new space.

Showers with Seating

Seating in a shower is certainly nothing new, but an on-trend shower is noticeably free of the awkward fiberglass model. Tiled or concrete benches make up the seating landscape in a modern bathroom. Paired with the multiple stream features that are all the rage, you can enjoy a relaxing, spa-like experience right in your own bathroom. So step right up, take a load off and enjoy everything your new shower has to offer without spending more time on your tired, aching feet.

Getting Steamy

Stylish new bathroom remodels are placing a serious emphasis on bringing the atmosphere of a swanky spa right into your home. As a result, steam features are definitely a hot commodity. Bringing the high temperatures and high humidity of a steam shower into your bathroom will require a bit of planning, because the moisture can encourage mold growth if your space isn’t properly designed. Working with your contractor to ensure that vapor-proofing materials are used is important. Sloping ceilings within the chamber will allow moisture to roll away, thus preventing mildew and mold growth. With the right sealing and vapor-proofing measures, you can easily turn your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation.

The Roman shower trend has gained traction in North American homes, making these no-step showers a safe and practical trend. In addition to being stylish and aesthetically pleasing, these showers are a major bonus for homeowners with small children or mobility issues. Fashion and functionality meet in a big way with Roman showers, making for a stylish and safe showering experience.

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