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Old Is New Again: Vintage Meets Modern In the Bathroom

Old Is New Again Vintage Meets Modern In the BathroomHomeowners looking for a remodeling investment with a big style payoff are flocking to the trend of adopting vintage flair in their modern bathroom spaces. After all, remodeling is a big job. Who wants to complete the process, only to start again in a few years’ time because the trends have faded and the space is no longer stylish? By adopting elements with a vintage flair, you’re bringing classic themes into your space that will stand the test of time. Pulling inspiration from vintage bathrooms allows you to have the proverbial best of both worlds, with classic style and modern convenience.

Tubs That Make a Splash

While showers that seem more like small rooms are a major trend in ultra-modern spaces, bathtubs still reign in vintage-inspired spaces. They’re just made of more interesting materials, and have more character. Forget the tub/shower combo, and start thinking outside of the fiberglass box. Clawfoot tubs are one of the bathroom staples that’s never really gone out of style. Today’s luxurious reproductions retain all the charm and character of the originals, but pull in modern features that maximize functionality and comfort. These aren’t your grandmother’s cold, porcelain monstrosities. Soaking tubs with curving lines and fluid, graceful structures can be placed in the center of a large bathroom as a focal point, or placed for maximal space conservation. When you eliminate the clunky decking and the necessity for installation inside a walled structure, the possibilities are almost endless.

Vintage Subway Tile

Wall treatment trends in bathroom applications wax and wane, but one mainstay is subway tile. It’s such a classic that it’s almost immune to passing trends, provided that the color scheme is chosen carefully. If you want a big style payoff and don’t mind redoing the tile in a few years when trends change, by all means, opt for bold colors. If you’re trying to get the most for your money in terms of a bathroom with style staying power, though, it’s best to keep your tile colors more muted. Bringing subway tile halfway up the wall allows you to install a classic fixture, but doesn’t exclude you from playing with design fads. The drywall above the tile can always be painted any shade that complements the tile, allowing you to give the space a trendy facelift every few years without breaking the bank.

Hexagonal Tile Flooring

Few floor treatments complement subway tile walls like hexagonal tile. Pre-war building methods made hex tile a bit difficult to clean, so many homeowners have shied away from them in favor of materials that aren’t so difficult. Modern manufacturing, however, has largely abolished the issue. Opting for glazed hexagonal tiles allows you to use this vintage bathroom design element without being forced to resort to exotic cleaning methods.

Bring in the Brass

While many homeowners with an appreciation for the classics opt for nickel fixtures, there is still a demand for brass options. Brass adds a bright splash of color if you’re working within an all-white or muted palette. From faucets and shower heads to towel racks and grab bars, you just can’t go wrong with a bit of classic brass. The material is also versatile enough to lend itself to several themes, meaning that you’ll be able to add on-trend touches every few years without being forced to invest in all new fixtures.

Leaning towards vintage style doesn’t mean that you’ll be forced to forgo modern features. Look for low-flow toilets that retain a bit of old-style charm without wasting gallons of water on every flush. Opt for showerheads that look the part but don’t squander water. Because the flashback classics are perennially popular, you’ll be able to find high-end fixtures that look like salvage finds, but retain modern conservation standards.


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