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Glass Tiles, The Latest Fashion Trend in Bathrooms

Fashionable Bathroom Elements: Glass Tile

Remodeling your bathroom is the perfect chance to bring some up-to-the minute flair to a high-traffic area of your home. Homeowners with their fingers on the trendy pulse of design know that few things are hotter right now than glass tile, especially in the bathroom. While it’s definitely at the top of the cool factor charts, glass tile also brings an element of timelessness to your bathroom remodel.


Glass was first created around 3500 BC in Mesopotamia, and has been a prized substance ever since. From the art deco flair of a 1930’s Manhattan train station to the mosaics of the Byzantine Empire, glass is timeless. Even those with a firm dedication to trend avoidance can take comfort in the fact that glass tiles aren’t likely to fall out of style any time soon. You won’t be forced to tear out your bathroom wall treatments in five years, because people will still be using glass tile. The depth, color and glistening effect of glass tiles simply can’t be replicated by ceramic or stone. A carefully integrated glass tile theme can be an enduring style element.


Integrating glass into your bathroom wall treatments allows you a variety of style options. Mesh mosaics of smaller tiles can make up a bathroom sink backsplash, or adorn the walls of the entire room. Larger tiles in an offset pattern can make a bold statement. Depending on your personal taste and budget, there really are very few constrains when it comes to using glass tile in the bathroom. Some interior designers are using them as a focal point on a single wall. Others are taking tile all the way up to the ceiling in trendy bathroom remodels.

Upgrading Existing Tile

Update a traditional bathroom style by adding a strip of on-trend glass mesh tile to the top of a ceramic half-tiled wall. With a coat of paint on the upper half of the wall and some new fixtures, you can make an investment with significant style payoff without breaking the bank. Instead of tearing those ceramic tiles out and replacing the drywall for glass tile prep, work with what you have on hand. You won’t be forced to funnel the majority of your remodeling budget into wall treatments, and you’ll still have an updated look. The addition of a single accent strip of glass tile and crown molding gives the entire room a facelift. This especially holds true when you’ve invested in fixture upgrades and floor treatments.

Glass Tile Floors

Speaking of flooring, this is another area where glass tile has you covered. This truly versatile material brings a reflective flair to your bathroom, even on the floors. It’s also durable, so you won’t have to worry about daily wear and tear diminishing the beauty of your investment. Glass tiles manufactured specifically for floor covering also come with a slip-resistant surface treatment, making your bathroom safer and more stylish in one stroke. Opting for one-inch tiles for covering floors adds an additional layer of slip protection, simply because more grout is exposed and the surface of the floor will have a different texture.

Go Green

Earth-conscious homeowners will have an even stronger motivation to opt for glass tiles in their bathrooms. There is a staggering selection of glass tile on the commercial market made exclusively from recycled bottles and discarded glass. Even in your brand new bathroom, you’ll still be putting the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra to work. In addition to a beautiful bathroom worthy of a magazine spread, you’ll also be doing your part for the environment.


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