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With a new year comes new trends, in both fashion and home design. If your New Year’s resolution included the renovation of an unsightly or aging bathroom, having the inside scoop on fashion-forward bathroom color schemes can help you to start designing the room of your dreams. In fact, choosing the palette to complement your home, personal taste and reflect current trends can actually serve as a jumping-off point for the entire remodeling project.


The minimalist trend is combining with the spa-like serenity so many homeowners are seeking in a bathroom design, which means one of the hottest palettes for the year is comprised of soft whites over the crisp, sterile ones which dominated a few years ago. Look for muted but warm grays, soft taupe and delicate pastels to add a feeling of blissful, comfortable calm. These sedate tones are all about evoking feelings of calm over futuristic cool whites and grays, but still work beautifully with even the sleekest and most modern design.

The same palette of taupes, warm grays and soft whites which works so well with minimalist modern bathrooms extends perfectly to romantic farmhouse modern, which is still a highly popular and on-trend design theme. In addition to wall colors, look for counter tops, tile and fixtures with a muted scheme to bring a feeling of both warmth and clean crispness.


The high contrast of crisp white and deep black is set to continue its reign as a top trend in 2014, and can lend itself beautifully to a variety of styles. One major perk of this timeless palette lies within its versatility and staying power. This is one color scheme you won’t have to revise in a few years because it feels dated, because it never really goes out of style. Bold geometric patterns in black and white are also right on the year’s trends, so consider patterned tile work in floors, showers and bathroom sink back splashes.

With a black and white color scheme, you can add decorative elements to bring in a splash of color. These items are easily switched out in favor of new colors when you’re ready for a minor change, which means you can give the room a face lift with little more than new textiles and decorative touches.


Warm colors reign supreme for 2014, and what’s warmer than a fiery red? From the eye-catching bright reds to darker, more dramatic brown-based reds, crimsons and scarlets are all the rage this year. Such bold colors can be overwhelming in a small bathroom, so be sure to balance color choices accordingly if you’re working with a less-than-spacious room.

The trending red palettes also show up in the funky, multi-color trend with mixed patterns and a fresh spin on retro-inspired spaces.


The bathroom is a space where most people begin their morning, so it’s fitting that one of the hot colors for 2014 is sunny, cheerful shades reminiscent of lemons and canaries. Like the bright reds, yellows are a major player in the multi-colored trend making a big showing this year, but is also being used to bring a pop of color to palettes dominated by grays and whites. Yellow glass tiles are a particularly hot bathroom element, as the depth and shine of the glass lends itself so well to the bright, upbeat color.

If bright and bold isn’t quite your style, deeper yellows like mustards and ochres work particularly well with the oatmeal and taupe neutrals which are still going strong in 2014.

Your Virginia bath renovation specialist can help you find the perfect ways of integrating your color scheme into the overall design of your new bathroom, from counters to flooring and light fixtures to tile work. These fashion-forward colors will not only update your bathroom beautifully for 2014, but can also be timeless and enduring statements for years to come.


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