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Making the decision to renovate a bathroom marks an exciting time, during which you will increase the livability of one of your home’s most important rooms along with the resale value of your house. It can also be a confusing one, especially for homeowners who are remodeling for the first time. Understanding the most common questions about bathroom remodeling can help you to make informed decisions while having a basic understanding of the process. This understanding also ensures more realistic expectations regarding the cost and time required to create the bathroom of your dreams.


When it comes to common questions about bathroom remodeling, this one tops the list. Renovating a bathroom can be relatively expensive, depending on the scope of the project and whether or not you plan to move plumbing fixtures from their existing location. The brands of fixtures you choose, the type of cabinetry and the materials for flooring and tile work will all have a bearing on the final price of your bathroom remodel, too. Naturally, a full renovation in which everything is replaced will be more expensive than choosing specific areas in which upgrades are desired.

When you set a budget for bathroom remodeling, keep in mind that you will almost certainly see a big return on the investment if and when you choose to sell your house.


There are several different aspects of a remodeling project to consider, especially in spaces with plumbing. One of the most common questions about bathroom remodeling focuses on understanding who does the work, who is responsible for which task and when they will be completed.

Working with a contractor who subcontracts every aspect of the process makes this question a bit more difficult to answer. You may have several subcontractors in your home who are not directly affiliated with the contractor you’ve chosen, each working on a specific task. In the vast majority of renovation projects, it’s more beneficial to both the homeowner and the contractor to have a set staff, directly under the employ of the contractor, who completes the remodel. This makes it easier to assign accountability to the contractor, and allows the company handling your renovation to have a clearer timeline of completion.

Even with contractors who keep all fabrication, installation and construction work in-house, you should expect to have a subcontracted, fully-licensed plumber to oversee the installation of fixtures like sinks, showers and toilets. This especially holds true if you’re planning to change the location of those fixtures over the course of your remodeling project.

New Bathroom RemodelingNew Bathroom Remodel


The finished product of a bathroom is exciting and rewarding, but the journey can be a bit frustrating. Common questions about bathroom remodeling are often centered around budgeting and workmanship, but the timeline is also a popular concern. After all, you will have people working in your home for the duration of the project and are likely to lose access to your bathroom at some point over the course of the remodel.

Establishing a timeline for a bathroom remodeling project depends upon the extent of the renovation, the amount of work which needs to be done and what type of changes you plan to make in the space. Simple renovations may take a few days, while more extensive ones may require a few weeks. The most accurate time estimate will come from your Virginia bath specialist after an evaluation of your desires, the existing space and the changes which need to be made.

Look for an experienced and reputable contractor to answer all of your questions about bathroom remodeling, one who takes the time to hear and address all your concerns. You should be as pleased with their dedication and customer service as you are the finished product, so don’t be afraid to ask questions to have a better understanding of the bathroom remodeling process.


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