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The Process of a Kitchen Remodel

The Administration Duties of Kitchen Remodel Planning Although it would be handy to summon the ‘Genie in the Bottle’ and exhaust one of your three wishes, have your kitchen changed instantly and be done with it–that’s not reality. The reality is, that regardless of whether or not you’ve decided to accomplish the makeover yourself or

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Kitchen Wall Covering Ideas

For most folks, open kitchen wall space is a limited commodity and, therefore, a very valuable medium for tying-in your kitchen decorating theme. Backsplashes, for example may receive a finish that directly works in conjunction with the countertop and may be an area that is covered for service reasons rather than for decorating purposes. In

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Choosing Your Kitchen Layout

If you are planning a kitchen for a new home, you will likely have the opportunity to choose most any layout for your kitchen. When designing a kitchen remodel in an existing home your space and layout options may be more limited. However, don’t discount your layout options too soon. Most homeowners are quite amazed

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