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Selecting the New Kitchen Range for Your Virginia Kitchen Remodel

For anyone who enjoys cooking for their family, the kitchen range will most likely be one of the focal points of a kitchen remodel. It is one of the more expensive, yet integral parts of a beautiful, functional kitchen. There are many options to consider in order to choose a range that will fit both your functional and budgetary needs.

Gas or Electric

When it comes to ranges, most people who are professional or even amateur chefs will prefer a gas range. The heat is easier to control on the stovetop burners, which is important in preparing certain dishes. However, not everyone has the option of gas, although most urban homes will have natural gas available. Here are some benefits and down sides of both electric and gas ranges.


  • Smooth surface tops available, for a more stable surface
  • No igniter needed, just turn the knob and it is on
  • Dual ring burners for more burner size options.
  • Easier to install, just plug it in
  • Slow to cool down


  • Heats faster than standard electric and often faster than gas
  • Cooktop remains cool except for the area in contact with the pan while heating
  • Precision control of heat
  • Requires specific types of induction cookware
  • Easy to clean


  • More even, easily adjusted flame heat on stove burners
  • Natural gas is inexpensive, making these ranges economical to operate
  • Once the flame is turned off, the heat source is gone; less likelihood of burns
  • Flames heat both the bottom and sides, making it heat faster

If you want the best of both worlds, you can also choose a duel fuel range. These have the perfect combination of gas for the stovetop and electric for the oven.

Range Type

While the most common and least expensive option is a freestanding range, there are many other options to choose from as well. Besides freestanding, there are also drop in models, slide in models and custom cook tops with separate wall ovens. There are benefits and drawbacks to every choice.


  • Less expensive and easy to remove
  • Mave have a storage drawer or warming oven
  • Come in standard sizes


  • Front can be flush with cabinets
  • Easily installed
  • May have a storage drawer or warming oven

Countertop with Wall Oven

  • Very custom looking set-up
  • Allows for cabinet storage under cooktop
  • Provides an island install option
  • Easy access to raised oven
  • Can be more expensive than a one piece range

Design Options

Although the old white stove is considered passé, they are the most economical as far cost goes. Most people are looking for a much cleaner or custom look for their new range to go with their newly remodeled kitchen.

  • Stainless Steel. Many people will choose stainless steel, if given the option. It presents a sleek look that fits with most any decor. As with any finish, there are different grades of stainless steel finishes to choose from. To avoid fingerprint smudges, you’ll want look for fingerprint resistant stainless.
  • Designer Colors. Another hot trend is to go with colors for the kitchen range and we are not talking black! There are appliance companies that are offering 190 or more choices in colors for kitchen ranges. From ruby red to powdered blue, you can choose any color you can dream of. Of course, the price will depend on the brand, but you can count on paying a bit more than for your standard colors and finishes.


For those who love to bake, the type of oven you want might be the selling point on any range. There are two main choices, convection and conventional to choose from. For most people, conventional will be the way to go. However, those Virginia chefs who are savvy in the kitchen may want the benefits of a convection oven.

  • Conventional. This is your standard oven that most ranges have, both electric and gas.
  • Convection. These ovens are typically used in restaurant and professional kitchens, having a fan that circulates the air inside the oven and cooks food faster.

Convection ovens tend to be more expensive. Some people who choose to have wall-mounted ovens will have one of each or choose an oven that has a conversion option that allows you to switch between the two options.

You’ll want to look at the cleaning features offered for your oven choice as well, such as self-cleaning and steam cleaning options.

For many Virginia homeowners, the range or cooktop placement will determine many aspects of the rest of the kitchen design so it is important to know which type of range you prefer before planning the rest of your kitchen remodel.


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