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Vanity Sinks the Up and Coming Art Form

Vanity Sinks: Functional Art

When you remodel a bathroom, you have two choices. You can go for a purely functional design, or you can inject a bit of your own personal style into the equation. If you fall into the latter camp, you know that every choice has an impact on the overall look and feel of your space. There’s so much to think about and so many ways to achieve your goal of a bathroom fit for a magazine editorial. From the perfect floor covering to the best fixtures available, you’re faced with scads of design decisions. One of the most often overlooked elements of a bathroom design can also be one of the most visually effective, though. The vanity sink you choose can become a focal point for the entire room. Instead of opting for a plain Jane sink, consider making a bolder statement.

Sleek and Modern

If you’re taking a minimalist tack in the design of your new bathroom, there’s still no reason to treat the vanity sink as an afterthought. Statement sinks can be an ideal fit in the ultra-modern, sleek bathroom. Look for interesting lines, and fixtures that compliment the shape of your sink. Finishes in deep, glossy black or sparkling white can be eye-catching when they’re applied to sinks that make a statement. Finished concrete and slate have also become a hot bathroom trend, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the porcelain box. Consider trendy new finishes and materials, and your sink can make quite a splash.

Artisanal Style

Some homeowners gravitate toward the clean lines and understated elegance of a modern style. Others find themselves drawn to unique, artisanal styles. Whether you’re looking for a vessel, drop-in or pedestal sink, you can still bring some handcrafted flair to your bathroom. Stone, hammered copper, glass and marble are just a small sampling of the materials used to create these statement pieces. Bringing a touch of bohemian style or lending a rustic air to your bathroom with an artisanal sink can be the single element that brings the space together. Today’s high-tech finishes allow even wooden sinks to stand the test of time, so don’t be afraid to branch out into something a bit more offbeat.


The industrial-esque, loft style of home decorating is no longer the sole property of urban dwellers. Reclaimed fixtures, weathered and artfully distressed elements are all the rage in home design. Think forged iron, exposed piping and concrete finishes to achieve the look. These sinks are definitely the linchpin of a bathroom with industrial design elements. A vanilla pedestal or drop-in sink can definitely make your remodel more pedestrian than industrial, so don’t neglect the importance of choosing fixtures that reflect the theme for which you’re looking. This trend is so hot at the moment that many manufacturers are cranking out brand new sinks to mimic the reclaimed look, so you don’t have to go scavenging through a salvage yard to find a statement sink for your new bathroom. Shoot for a look reminiscent of an old factory, and you’ll be on the right track to create a truly stand-out industrial bathroom.

All too often, sinks are relegated to purely functional roles. They can be both functional and a fundamental part of your overall design, but you’ll have to look beyond the run-of-the-mill offerings at a big-box home improvement store. Think about what you want your bathroom to say about your personal style, and the overall mood you’d like for it to reflect. Then remember that the sink you choose can help to execute that style, rather than detract from it.


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