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kitchen countertops

Granite and Quartz Countertops

The growing popularity of granite and quartz countertops is a well-deserved recognition for two outstanding countertop materials that have earned their right to be included in the finest of kitchen projects, including yours’. Granite is a natural product, mined from the earth, which is cut, polished and sealed before it makes its way into your

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Solid Surface Countertops – Seamless Durability

In 1967, DuPont Chemical Corporation developed the rigid polymer (plastic) composite known as Corian®. In the late 1970s, DuPont introduced this product as an upscale countertop material as an alternate to the widely popular laminate surface normally found on countertops. Since its introduction into the marketplace, Corian® has been joined by several other manufacturers’ products

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Countertop Edgings and Backsplashes – The Ribbon Around the Package

These two components of a kitchen’s make-up are often overlooked by homeowners in their journey toward assembling the perfect kitchen space. So much attention is drawn toward the cabinetry, countertops and flooring that the countertop’s edging and backsplash areas become secondary to configuring the functionality and beauty of the kitchen. These are key areas, however,

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