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Slate Countertops and Flooring

Your Kitchen Counter Mission

When embarking upon the mission toward your new kitchen or kitchen remodel, you will likely spend a great deal of time contemplating upon the best and most appropriate countertop surface in which to grace this new kitchen space. You’ll be faced with the many options, both natural and man-made, which have their respective pluses and minuses; but, above all, you tend to measure the quality of the surface with how durable it is against the throws of daily traffic and demand as well as its maintenance regimen. All countertop materials, as suggested, have their list of benefits—and when you line-item these benefits you will, no doubt, find that slate surfaces rise to the top of the list with regards to durability and maintenance ease.

Slate countertops are ideal for an active household. While they may not project the exotic color range and disparity of their granite and marble cousins, their conservative color variations serve them well in virtually any color scheme in a kitchen.  Domestic slate will have a range of colors which include, black, green, purple, grays (broad gradient), and a stark red. Several of these colorations may actually be present in a single countertop slab but unlike granite, for example, the ‘accent’ colorations are often expressed in precise veins or ‘plumes’—random and unpredictable. This natural formation and expression of color is absolutely beautiful!

Unlike granite and marble, slate doesn’t require any special polishes, sealers or treatments. Slate is completely non-porous, without intervention, so it will never harbor any form of bacteria. Slate is actually a harder countertop material than its cousins; and cleaning the surface is a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth or one that has a ‘sprits’ of household cleaner or dish soap. Slate won’t stain nor be adversely affected by hot pots and pans. Slate countertops are typically boasts a ‘honed’ finish as opposed to something more dramatically polished. This subdued patina adds a warmth and neutrality to the colorations as well as minimizing the effects raised by an active kitchen.

Slate flooring has been the standard for entrance surfaces, both residentially and commercially, for over   a century; and this testimony verifies its practical and aesthetic versatility throughout the most traveled rooms of the home. Slate is selected for such high-demanding areas because, as with its countertop sibling, it is practically invincible and so easy to care for. Couple this inherent trait with the attractive and earthy colorations noted in slate and you have a lifetime surface with timeless appeal.


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