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Riding the Wave of the Future with a High-Tech Toilet

Remodeling your bathroom is the perfect opportunity to bring in some of today’s high-tech features while updating the look and feel of the space. When it comes to technological innovation in the bathroom, the toilet is enjoying something of a cultural revolution. With the exception of a few changes to reduce water consumption, very little about the overall design of a toilet has changed in the last few decades. With today’s new crop of technologically advanced, high-end toilets, that stagnation is something of the past.

Toilets as Art

Since the toilet tanks moved down and flush handles took the place of pull-chains, toilets have looked more or less the same. Fashionable colors have come and gone, but the shape and design of most toilets has changed very little. That is, until recently. Today’s high-end toilets have become something akin to standalone works of art. Sleek, minimalist designs with hard angles and straight lines are taking the place of curved bowls. Wall-hung units remove the tank from the equation altogether, creating a space-saving design that frees up valuable square footage in bathrooms, which tend to be the smallest rooms in the house. The toilets coming off the assembly line today bear very little resemblance to their forebears, and are all the more impressive for these changes.

The Sound of Music

Whether you’re just looking to lend a festive air to your calls of nature or just eager to mask embarrassing bathroom sounds, there are toilets on the modern market that bear a second look. These toilets come complete with MP3 player docking stations and radios, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes or catch up on the news while you spend necessary time in the bathroom. Forget about the old-fashioned magazine rack next to the commode; today’s toilets are all about providing entertainment.

Put an End to the Toilet Seat Wars

Any household that contains two members of the opposite sex is familiar with the age-old battle over the position of a toilet seat. By choosing one of the automatic toilets that are all the rage in high-tech bathroom designs, you can put the fight to bed once and for all. These toilet seats and lids will automatically raise and lower themselves, so there’s no reason to squabble with a forgetful spouse. While a new toilet may not put an end to all of your domestic disputes, one of these automatic models will give you one less thing to squabble over.

Dual-Duty Toilets

Bidets never quite took off in the United States, at least not for the average homeowner. There are several reasons why bidets haven’t enjoyed much Stateside use, but there’s no doubt that sacrificing premium bathroom space for a second seat is a deal-breaker for many. By combining the traditional toilet with a bidet, advanced toilets allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of a bidet without being forced to install a separate feature in your bathroom. These bidets also tend to feature warm water jets, air drying features and deodorizers to ensure that you’re squeaky clean and comfortable.

Secret Solutions

If you’d rather create a bathroom design that doesn’t feature a prominent, obvious toilet, one of today’s concealable models may be the answer to your prayers. With the lid closed and plumbing concealed behind the wall, these toilets look more like benches or shelving than a functional plumbing feature. Just be sure to warn guests, or they may find themselves confused by your high-end commode when they visit the water closet.


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