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Kitchen Faucet Trends

Fluid Motion in Your Kitchen

There may not be a more fluid trend in kitchen design and features than that of the one so noted in kitchen faucets. Over the past twenty years, the importance of a stylish, well-designed, dependable and workable faucet has increased dramatically; and with this novel focus, the industry has come forth with some terrific innovations and finishes that are certain to satisfy the growing need. Homeowners are clearly rejecting the standard, two-control-with-separate sprayer option, in chrome finish models in favor of current models which break far and away from convention. The former style was the workhorse—noted for its abject dependability and easy-to-maintain finish; but, once the industry proved the new models provided these basic attributes, the consumer wandered toward style, alternate finishes and features only found in the contemporary models.

The foremost draw toward the new models is the popularity of the brushed nickel finish. By far, this particular finish dominates the marketplace at this juncture. The patina is non-descript, much easier to care for than chrome (fingerprint free) and is quite complimentary to stainless steel appliances which are still strong sellers at this time. However, it’s important to side-note here that black appliances are making a strong move forward in the trend scene; but, as you might guess, the brushed nickel would be the obvious choice here as well. Bronze and rubbed-oil bronze kitchen faucet finishes are also growing in popularity because they can extend a warm and richness to a kitchen; but these tend to be more of a decorating statement of their own.

Consumers are rejecting the remote spray feature of the faucets of old in lieu of having the kitchen faucet possess a full-time spray feature rather than the typical full-force flow. Additionally, the homeowner is also excited about having the faucet head attached to a retractable (hidden within the neck of the faucet) hose—thereby making the remote spray feature very, very obsolete.

As kitchen sinks have become deeper and wider—accommodating the contemporary demand for such styling—the newer faucets are reflecting such changes. These faucets, which formerly, barely slid side-to-side, marginally above the plane of the sink are now spanning upward in a graceful crane, much higher than the profile of the sink. This style eases the mobility of manipulating large pots, pans and casserole dishes under the faucet stream while performing the after-meal clean-up duties. This ease and mobility is further realized with the integrated, retractable spray feature noted earlier. Together, these two engineered features lend toward a simplistic means to avert a dreaded chore!

While it may be considered as somewhat of a novelty feature or, perhaps a feature that is a little too trendy at this stage, the concept of ‘single-touch’ or even ‘hands-free’ faucet operation is finding its way into American kitchens these days. The ‘single-touch’ or ‘touch’ features enables the faucet to turn on or off by a single contact to the spout itself. So, when your hands are especially greasy or grimy, you won’t have to transfer this filth to the operating handle at all—just bump the spout and clean-off your hands! The ‘hands-free’ operation utilizes a motion-sensor within the base of the faucet spout. When motion is detected, the faucet turns on; and this feature made its debut in the commercial restroom application several years ago as a means to control water usage and vandalism issues. However, bear in mind that these features tend to draw the interest of children and, to some degree, cats—both seem fascinated with the function and are duly entertained by the ease of the operation!


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