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Designing Bathrooms for New Construction

Building a new home from the ground up is an exciting experience. You’re able build completely to your specifications, choosing the fittings and details that perfectly reflect your tastes. Building a brand new home also gives you the opportunity to create an ideal bathroom space, rather than working to improve an existing one. Whether you’re in the process of building an entire home or simply building an addition to your existing home that includes a bathroom, there are some things you should consider before the building process begins.

Think Green

The focus on going green and making a positive impact on the environment extends beyond reducing household waste. Today’s new constructions and plumbing fixtures are available in more earth-friendly options. Work with your designer and contractors to choose greener options. Not only will these high-efficiency fixtures help to save the environment, but also to pay for themselves by reducing resource use and monthly utility bills. Going green is a great way to save some green, so don’t be frightened by the initial investment.

Make Plumbing Placement a Priority

If you’ve ever remodeled an existing bathroom, you know that moving plumbing fixtures is the quickest way to go over-budget. Moving your toilet from one wall to another, changing the placement of a sink or moving a shower seems simple enough on the surface, but it’s actually very expensive. When you work with your architect or designer to plot out bathroom fixture placements, do so with an eye towards the future. You will, at some point, want to remodel and update your new bathroom. When that day arrives, the last thing you’ll want is to commit to budget-busting plumbing adjustments. Think carefully about where you want each fixture to be placed, and how to maximize space efficiency.

Keep Hot Water in Mind

Your relaxing new bathroom won’t be much of an oasis if you’re forced to take cold showers every morning. While you’re in the process of designing your brand new home or adding on to your existing space, think about a tankless water heater conversion. Because the system heats water on demand, you’ll never have to worry about depleting the store within a water heater tank. They also use less energy and are far more efficient than tank systems.

While you’re on the subject of hot water, take time to think about just how much havoc steam and moisture can wreak upon your new space. Hot water generates steam, which means that your bathroom can become as muggy as a rainforest after a long shower. If you don’t want to fight against mold and mildew growth, make sure that you’re installing plenty of ventilation. Work with your designer and contractors to ensure the inclusion of ample ventilation. Otherwise, your brand new bathroom can become a new home for mold spores.

Go for the Gold with Extras

If you have room in the budget for a few fancy extras, now is the time to start deciding which ones you’d like to include. If you want heated floors installed in your new bathroom, that decision should be made before construction begins. The last thing you want to do is deplete a budget by tearing out a finished floor due to a last-minute change of mind. If you’re interested in heated towel bars, the inclusion of a bidet or a jetted shower system, discuss these options with your designer. Making sure that you, your contractor and the designer are all on the same page is essential. Keep lines of communication open, and you’ll find the process of building your new bathroom to be a rewarding and exciting one.


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