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Modern fitted kitchen with white units and a granite worktop


You know that things like flooring, wall color and cabinetry have a significant impact on the overall functionality and aesthetic value of your kitchen. Choosing the perfect appliance finish, an eye-catching sink and gorgeous cabinetry full of efficient additions is imperative, but the real magic of kitchen design lies within the details. Working with your Virginia kitchen design specialist to find the perfect finishing touches for your space can take it from drab to fabulous in no time at all. These are just a sampling of the seemingly-small details that can bring you a big style return on your kitchen remodeling investment.


Kitchens are the natural gathering place for friends and extended family during celebrations. They’re also the place where your immediate family will spend a large portion of their time. Efficiency is key when you’re pressed for time to prepare meals, and comfort is a major factor for everyone in the household. It’s difficult to reach maximum efficiency when you can’t see what you’re doing, and there’s nothing cheery or inviting about a dark, gloomy room. When you’re planning the layout and design scheme for your kitchen, be sure that you don’t overlook the lighting scheme. Choosing the right fixtures lends an air of cohesion and style, and choosing the right placement sheds some much-needed light on the subject while meals are being prepared.

Highlight lofty ceilings with up-lights installed into the tops of your cabinetry. Make sure you’re able to work with clear-eyed confidence by opting for task lighting over islands, counters and in stove hoods. Because you’ll also want to customize the lighting profile for parties and special events, make sure there are dimmer switches in place. After all, there are times when dim lighting adds to the overall ambiance. Whether you opt for pendants or chandeliers, sconces or extra task lighting, you want to make sure that you have brightness options at your fingertips.


When you’re wrapped up in trying to decide between an apron-front sink or a farmhouse model, or considering an appliance finish other than stainless steel, it’s easy to lose sight of functionality-boosting details. Even if you spring for highly customized kitchen cabinetry, you should remember that you’ll need plenty of additional storage. Unless you’re blessed with a huge kitchen which you plan to fill with cabinetry, you’ll need storage which goes beyond the installed cabinets. Consider small storage options for utensils and gadgets, along with shelving for cookbooks and plenty of display storage for prized china or glassware. Look for ways to take advantage of storage options in small spaces, like pull-outs in the spaces that would ordinarily be covered by false fronts.


Deciding to create custom cabinetry is a great way to give your new kitchen a big splash of style. Still, the overall look and feel of that cabinetry can be completely changed by the drawer pulls and hardware you choose. Instead of opting for standard hardware, invest a bit of time into choosing pieces that complement your cabinetry while bolstering their aesthetic appeal.

Like cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures are also easy to overlook. After all, an efficient faucet supplies water to your kitchen, serving a solely functional role. Choosing faucets, sprayers and other plumbing fixtures with great lines and interesting design brings a new level of visual appeal to the entire space.

Working with an experienced Virginia kitchen design expert to bring your new space to life with a series of small touches is a smart style investment. Together, you’ll be able to create the pulled-together, on-trend kitchen of your dreams.


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