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Welcome to our Pictures!

This represents a sampling of work we have done over time and is to share with you looks, styles and features you might consider as you begin the process of planning out the design and remodeling of your kitchen or bathroom project.

You will not find here a repeated theme.  You may not see the latest trend.

Our projects are done for real people with differing lifestyles and varied situations.

These projects are a reflection of those who live in and use these spaces on a daily basis.

The needs of a growing family of five are different from those of a recently emptied nest.

We just moved in is not the same as we’re planning to relocate in five years.

And a townhouse in Old Towne is different than a townhouse in Reston.

Perhaps the common thread is this:  How can we help you create a space that functions for you, you truly enjoy being in and creating it fits your budget, lifestyle and tastes?

Please, don’t hesitate to ask.